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Loretto Heights

Please see our latest press release linked here:

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After Colorado Heights University had to close its doors in 2017, Westside was able to purchase the campus with plans to bring the community back to life. Westside immediately went to the city to begin a comprehensive community planning process to ensure the project reflected the spirit of the community. 
After extensive outreach to local residents and an in-depth planning process, we decided to ask the city for less density than the property was zoned to protect its historic nature. In the end, Westside was able to lay out a project that provided open space and much needed affordable housing, while preserving many of the historic buildings.  
Throughout this project, Westside has remained as invested in the people of Loretto Heights as the campus itself. We have already hosted public safety training sessions for Denver and Greenwood Village Police Departments, food halls to distribute food to kids on the weekends, holiday celebrations with free concerts for residents, and countless other community organization and school events. Westside was also able to donate large amounts of dorm room furniture to families at a recent open house. 
We are committed to making Loretto Heights a space that the community can gather and call their own, and we look forward to continue working with residents to make it a success. 

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