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Mrs. Hoge has been with Westside Property Investment Company and its predecessor, Icon Investment Group, since 2006. Mrs. Hoge is responsible for the accounting administration and operations for Westside. She oversees and reports on every cost associated with each phase of a project or property, including the initial research, acquisition, management, and sale. Prior to coming to Westside, Mrs. Hoge gained extensive experience in the business world.  She assisted in running a family business in the Denver Metro area for over 15 years. During this time she handled the company’s finances, HR items, Customer Service, Purchasing, and interactions with major electronic manufactures. Mrs. Hoge also worked as a buyer of raw materials for SourceCut Industries, a supplier of goods to a major furniture manufacturer, in Wisconsin. During her time at SourceCut Industries, she likewise was involved in the importing of furniture from China for one of SourceCut’s subsidiary companies.

Mrs. Hoge graduated from Loretto Heights College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She enjoys time with her husband, children and grandchildren. She can be reached at

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