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50 S. Kalamath St


Despite significant marketing efforts, the warehouse at 50 S. Kalamath sat empty for nearly 4 years after it was abandoned by    Sports Authority which went bankrupt in 2016.  Westside recently re-entitled the derelict property with unanimous support from the local neighborhood organization.


The Development Agreement for the property requires additional design guidelines for the eventual buildings on site. Westside also entered into a voluntary affordable housing agreement that requires seven times as many affordable units as city requirements.  Addressing the pressing need for affordable housing for families, at least half of the affordable units will be 2 and 3-bedrooms.  Westside is not receiving any city subsidies for the affordable housing on the site.  


In addition, Westside is adding 10% open space to the development that did not exist on this site when originally acquired.  Westside hopes that in the coming years, a vibrant mixed-use development, providing a mix of housing, office, and retail uses will replace what had previously been a neighborhood eyesore.  

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