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High Point

As part of the High Point development, Westside has made significant improvements to infrastructure in the area, including a new fire station, two neighborhood parks, and a $3 million community center. One of the largest improvements spearheaded by Westside is the expansion of 64th Ave East to Jackson Gap Road.  Westside used its expertise in development, financing, and public-private partnerships to bring together three large municipalities, Aurora, Adams, and E470, as well as three private land developers to get 100% agreement on this project.  All parties participated in the expansion and were in agreement that this was for the good of the entire region.  
High Point is one of the premier locations in far northeast Denver and Aurora including the 1,500-room Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center and High Point Logistic Park which will have over 5 million square feet of new industrial space.  In addition, High Point will be home to over 1,000 new housing units in the form of attached single-family homes and apartments.   
In addition, a portion of every land sale at High Point goes to support High Point Charter Academy in Aurora. To date, the Foundation has contributed more than $600,000 which has been used to build a new Astroturf field, for local COVID relief efforts, and to support school staff.   

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