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Westside Investment Partners, Inc.

Westside Investment Partners is a Denver-based investment group with significant experience in commercial real estate acquisition, development, and management in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Since 1999, the company has successfully acquired, developed, and sold more than $2 billion worth of assets in the Western region of the United States in a diverse array of asset classes, including raw land, office buildings, multi-family assets and mixed-use developments. Westside maintains a disciplined investment approach based on building strong relationships for sourcing deals, searching across a wide range of opportunities, understanding and mitigating hidden risks in deals, effectively and efficiently executing the asset management strategy, and focusing on long-term value. Westside prioritizes the heart and soul of a community ahead of the investment and physical development process, envisioning projects that lift up communities and celebrate their history. 

Westside’s investment approach is based upon the following consistent set of principles:

  • Understand and account for foreseeable risks

  • Acquire properties for less than they are worth today

  • Pursue irreplaceable assets like mobile home parks limited by municipal zoning restrictions, or properties with irreplaceable locations

  • Seek properties where inefficiencies or value propositions exist

  • Pursue properties other investment groups avoid

  • Pursue a broad range of asset classes

  • Develop and maintain business relationships to find new opportunities including: real estate brokers, distressed debt brokers, property owners, business leaders, finance sources

  • Capitalize on our principal's experience

  • Andy Klein worked for a large Wall Street opportunity fund and acquired a wide range of assets

  • Manage assets to build an income-producing portfolio

  • Budget annual cash requirements to meet short-term needs while optimizing long-term values

  • Maintain an employee profit-sharing plan

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